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Over Fifty Five Years
of Discovering Talents
Over Fifty Five Years
of Discovering Talents

1964 The birth of a new vision

In 1964, Beat Notz, a truly independent and visionary mind, imagined a new wealth management concept.

1967 The arrival of a new generation

During the decades that followed, we discovered and invested with some of the most talented fund managers of the modern era.

1967 The first UCITS fund

On 28 April 1967, we established our first Luxembourg-based long only collective investment vehicle, DGC SICAV (later rebranded Diversified Growth Company), which became the first UCITS fund in Luxembourg.

1974 Haussmann Holdings

Able to deliver consistent absolute returns, but secretive and often difficult to understand, hedge funds can be a challenging investment for private investors.

1975 Christian Stucki

In 1975, Beat Notz partnered with his friend Christian Stucki to create Notz Stucki & Cie.

1977 Expanding to London

Thanks to its long tradition of colonial trade and its liberal regulation of financial exchanges, London established itself in the 1970s as the global hub for international investing and the European centre of expertise in asset management.

1979 Asia - The new frontier

In the years following the 1973 oil crisis, most developed economies were undergoing a long-lasting recession. At the same time, the emerging Asian Tigers were exporting their manufactured goods worldwide and enjoying exceptionally high growth rates.

1987 Lynx

As the less efficient markets of Europe provided good investment opportunities, in 1987 we decided to look for European hedge funds. At the time, the only place where you could find talented managers was London. But the British traders trying to set up their own hedge funds had a hard time finding investors in Switzerland.

1990 The United States of Europe

In the 1980s, Europe became a huge market for asset management, thanks to the first UCITS Directive, adopted in 1985. This allowed the creation of euro-compatible investment funds and thus the advent of a single European market for investment.

1994 Aruna

In the 90s, India initiated a deep economic liberalisation program, opening the doors of the world’s sixth largest economy to foreign investment.

1998 Nurturing in-house talent

After having relied for 30 years on combining outside talent to build multi-manager portfolios, we decided to complement this unique expertise by launching our own single-manager strategies, in particular with funds based on promising investment themes.

2000-2008 The Golden Age

In 2000, the dot-com bubble burst and the world’s stock markets fell sharply.

2008 Darwinism in the hedge funds industry

Alas, unlike in 2000, hedge funds suffered heavily during the 2008 financial crisis. Indeed, driven to complacency by the influx of capital and rising markets, many alternative managers massively increased their risk and leverage.

2013 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Super ManCo!

In December 2013, our Luxembourg entity became the 1st Super ManCo in Luxembourg to be granted the AIFM License, the Management Company under Chapter 15 of the UCITS Law license and the Wealth Management Activity extended services.

2021 A New Start

In 2021, with a new generation on board and in order to reflect the evolution of our activities, we have changed our brand name to NS Partners.

  • 1964 The birth
  • 1967 The arrival of a new generation
  • 1967 The first UCITS fund
  • 1974 Haussmann Holdings
  • 1975 Christian Stucki
  • 1977 Expanding to London
  • 1979 Asia - The new frontier
  • 1987 Lynx
  • 1990 The United States of Europe
  • 1994 Aruna
  • 1998 Nurturing in-house talent
  • 2000-2008 The Golden Age
  • 2008 Darwinism in the hedge funds industry
  • 2013 It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Super ManCo!
  • 2021 A New Start
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